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I get it my sweet friend you’re frustrated and overwhelmed with STICKERS- I was once there too not very long ago.

Struggling with STICKERS- so many options and no clear path to get started. I had no idea what I was doing.

I felt deflated, un-experienced and even more overwhelmed.  I had no idea making STICKERS was so hard.

Where was I supposed to start? What paper was the "right sticky paper", how do you print stickers, how do you use digital stickers, Canva, Procreate? ........I wasn't even sure what some of these things were. The list went on and on. Of course that was just the beginning........ What had I gotten into.

To make matters even worse- I had begun to doubt my creative abilities and myself in general.

This STICKER thing was tough.

I desperately wanted to create beautiful custom STICKERS for myself and to sell. I just had no idea how.

After a few days, I convinced myself to start with just one small STICKER project and see how it went. 

Well, my sweet friend of course my first sticker craft did not go as planned- but what I realized was that I loved the sticker crafting experience and further more I was so proud of my results.  I thought about how amazing it would be once I learned more sticker craft techniques.

That’s when I realized that if I wanted to be a “super STICKER creator” and produce beautiful stickers consistently- then I would have to get serious about learning the newest and best STICKER creation techniques. 

I spent hours and hours learning from the best resources I could find and then implementing what I learned to develop my STICKER skills to create beautiful pieces that everyone loves. 

I have learned so much about creating beautiful custom STICKER pieces and I can hardly wait to share my proven STICKER techniques with you so you don't have to struggle with STICKER creation anymore.

Inspiring and teach you to create beautiful STICKERS everyone will love(even you).