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Happy Heart Planners were created to inspire and teach you how to digitally plan the life of your dreams one day at a time. Finally a planner that works with you and is uniquely customizable.

I get it my sweet friend,  you’re frustrated and overwhelmed with everyday to do’s- I was once there too.

Not too long ago, I was struggling to keep up with everyday life.  I was working full time(40+ hours per week), struggling to manage our four kids’ busy schedules of school, sports and everyday needs while balancing home life- cooking, cleaning, groceries……… the list was never ending.  

I was running on fumes and was way past the point of burn out.  I was lucky to climb into bed with my hubby at the end of the day and not be in tears.

I just couldn’t keep up.  As heartbreaking as it was to me I was failing.  Failing at managing our lives the way I wanted to.

I tried 20+ planners and multiple programs to help me organize and plan- But found nothing that actually worked.

I just didn’t fit into that typical “planner”.  Nothing really met my needs.  Our schedules were constantly changing and I just couldn’t make one system work.  

found myself carrying bags of planners, stickers, pens, notebooks…. And lists galore everywhere I went.  My purse weighed 50lbs from planner supplies and worse than that I felt like everything would fall apart if I didn’t have access to them at all times.  My anxiety and frustration rates were at  all time high.  

The more I tried the more confusing it got.  My lists and planner collection was out of control to say the least and I had no idea what I needed to do- let alone when. 

In further desperation I found myself dabbling with digital calendar apps too only to feel even more deflated by the tediousness of trying to add everything into these restricted apps.  The days were so full in the calendar apps I couldn’t even read what I was supposed to do. Plus as days passed in the calendar app my schedule from the day before would disappear as “completed”.  To make matters worse I now was spread out on multiple paper planners, notebooks and calendar apps.  I needed help desperately.

That’s when I decided enough was enough.  My search got serious for a permanent solution.  I spent days looking and searching only to realize what I needed didn’t exist.

So I did what any busy self empowered woman would do.  I made my own solution.  

Here is when the true magic happened!

I went from struggling to make it through each day to actually having extra time. I was finally able to work on my real life goals- not just scramble day to day. Digital planning allowed me to actually customize a plan that worked for my specific need. Almost instantly, I was able to increase productivity while reducing stress & overwhelm.

Finally- No more dragging planners and supplies everywhere. No more anxiety that I wouldn’t have my planners and notebooks when I needed them. Everything was in one place and finally functioning together allowing me to live the life I actually wanted and had planned out so many time.

That’s when Happy Heart Planners were created. These customizable digital planners allow me the freedom and ability to plan the way I need to.  

I am now finally able to plan my life, with all my unique needs-> MY WAY. 

No more planner struggles or overwhelms.  

Finally a planner solution that fits me and my life.

I have learned so much creating beautiful custom digital planners over the last few years and I can hardly wait to share my proven digital planning  techniques with you- so you can make your own beautiful days time and time again.